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Parks Canada - “Free” WiFi in Parks Proposal


Parks Canada Launches Wi-Fi plans for Canadian Parks

Parks Canada's proposal to make the National parks a vast network of hotspots was quickly denounced by people across Canada. Now they state that the proposed wireless hotspots in national parks would be restricted to visitor centers and campgrounds -- “not in the wilderness, and not in the back country,” says Andrew Campbell, Director of Visitor Experience with Parks Canada.

C4ST supports limiting exposure in our National Parks even further than that - we are asking for a designated posted “hot spot” contained to a limited area in the visitor centers only. We do not support Wi-Fi coverage/exposure outside of a strictly limited, designated area. We believe this would be in conflict with Parks Canada's own charter and the mandate that the people of Canada have given them to protect our parks. And contrary to what the people of Canada want in a wilderness experience.

Do you agree? Emails don't solve anything on their own. But emails and other communication can shift political will—in fact, little else ever does. If you’re wondering how to let Parks Canada know how the people of Canada value their National Parks experience, send in your comments on the right of this page.

Email Parks Canada to submit your concerns and to support our request to limit Wi-Fi hotspots to one room in visitor centres ONLY

Media Coverage

Parks Canada Mandate

On behalf of the people of Canada, we protect and present nationally significant examples of Canada's natural and cultural heritage, and foster public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment in ways that ensure the ecological and commemorative integrity of these places for present and future generations.

We are guardians of the national parks, the national historic sites and the national marine conservation areas of Canada.

To protect, as a first priority, the natural and cultural heritage of our special places and ensure that they remain healthy and whole.

Full Parks Canada Charter – Click Here

Top 10 Reasons Wi-Fi in Canadian Parks is a Dumb Idea

  1. Canadians go to parks to connect with nature and each other, not with electronics.
  2. National parks should be places of refuge – away from work.
  3. Possible carcinogens don’t belong in nature.
  4. Why tempt children with Wi-Fi in parks? They need less screen time, not more.
  5. Canadians aren’t stupid; Wi-Fi in parks won’t make up for services lost due to government cuts.
  6. The mandate of Parks Canada is to protect, not destroy yet studies show that Wi-Fi harms the birds and the bees.
  7. Oh Canada…Why would we want Wi-Fi in our famously beautiful, pristine parks?!
  8. Smart Canadian campers don’t think it’s cool to be connected constantly.
  9. Campfire sing songs don’t require a YouTube connection.
  10. The only tweets heard in a Canadian park should come from the birds.

For those who must connect, provide a “Wi-Fi room” in Parks Canada Visitor Centers only.

What Canadians Are Saying About WiFi In Canadian Parks

Is Wi-Fi included in the IARC/WHO’s 2B classification of RF-EMF?

Yes. In May of 2011, the IARC (International Association for Research on Cancer) declared radio frequency radiation as a possible cause of cancer. Click HERE for official document. Since then Federal, provincial, and municipal health authorities in Canada have made the FALSE claim that the IARC declaration of RF as a possible human carcinogen refers ONLY to mobile phones. This is not and has never been the case. Wi-Fi and all RF-EMF emitting devices are included in this grouping.

Why the confusion?

IARC does not classify devices, they classify exposures. The 2B designation therefore applies to all RF-EMF exposures, regardless of the source. It isn’t the physical source that is being evaluated; it’s the type of emission that exits from any source, that is being evaluated.

Confirmation from IARC

In this video clip (click HERE) Dr. Jonathan M Samet, MD, University of Southern California, Chairman of the Working Group, states at the 3.12 minute mark “the designation of class 2B RF-EMFs is unspecified as to source, class 2B has broad applicability to sources that emit RF-EMFs".

Confirmation from Dr Robert A Baan PhD, Responsible Officer, Monograph 102 on RF-EMF, The IARC Monographs, IARC, Lyon, FRANCE

“Many other devices emit the same type of RF radiation, e.g.,base-station antennas, radio/tv antennas, WiFi stations, smart meters, etc. Therefore, all these fall under the same broad evaluation of “Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.” Click HERE to read.

In 1999 Toronto Public Health recommended an additional (100-fold) level of protection to Safety Code 6 due to the absence of proof of either safety or harm arising from RF exposures. See HERE. Health Canada did nothing.

We know from other carcinogens, that if studies on adults show strong relationships for malignant cancer in adults, the results for children will be far worse as their cells are dividing much faster. As each cell divides, cell errors triggered by RF radiation have more profound lifetime implications.

Toronto's Medical Officer Of Health Dr. McKeown is on record as campaigning for smoking to be removed from public parks, as have been carcinogenic pesticides. It is in the public's best interest that yet another carcinogen is not allowed in Toronto public spaces. 

Email Parks Canada to submit your concerns and to support our request to limit Wi-Fi hotspots to one room in visitor centres ONLY

Environment Canada

Hon. Leona Aglukkaq
Minister of the Environment
Email: Minister@ec.gc.ca

Jillian Andrews
Senior Policy Advisor
Email: jillian.andrews@ec.gc.ca

Leah Canning
Chief of Staff
Email: leah.canning@ec.gc.ca

Jeff Kennedy
Director, Policy & Deputy Chief of Staff
Email: jeff.kennedy@ec.gc.ca

Jennifer Kennedy
Deputy Director of Communications & Director of Strategic Planning
Email: jennifer.kennedy@ec.gc.ca

Ted Laking
Director of Parliamentary Affairs & Issues Management
Email: ted.laking@ec.gc.ca

Bob Hamilton
Deputy Minister
Email: bob.hamilton@ec.gc.ca

Warren Goodlet
Policy Advisor, Deputy Minister's Office
Email: warren.goodlet@ec.gc.ca

Mike Beale
Assistant Deputy Minister
Email: mike.beale@ec.gc.ca

Robert McLean
Executive Director, Canadian Wildlife Service
Email: robert.mclean@ec.gc.ca

Nancy Klenavic
Senior Advisor, Environmental Stewardship Branch
Email: nancy.klenavic@ec.gc.ca

Sue Milburn-Hopwood
Director General, Canadien Wildlife Service
Email: sue.milburn-hopwood@ec.gc.ca

Dr. Karen L Dodds
Assistant Deputy Minister
Email: karren.dodds@ec.gc.ca

Lyndsay Vidito
Senior Advisor to the ADM
Email: lyndsay.vidito@ec.gc.ca


Parks Canada

Alan Latourelle
CEO, Parks Canada
Email: alan.latourelle@pc.gc.ca

Desiree Coyle
Vice President, Operations, Western and Northern Canada
Email: desiree.coyle@pc.gc.ca

Carol Sheedy
Vice President, Operations, Eastern Canada
Email: carol.sheedy@pc.gc.ca

Dr. Wanli Wu
Ecosystem Scientist, Protected Areas Establishment and Conservation Directorate, Natural Resource Conservation Branch
Email: wanli.wu@pc.gc.ca



Ron Hallman
President,  Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
Email: Ron.Hallman@ceaa-acee.gc.ca

Tammy Paul
Senior Advisor - Office of the President
Email: tammy.paul@ceaa-acee.gc.ca

Yves Leboeuf
Vice-President, Operations
Email: yves.leboeuf@ceaa-acee.gc.ca

Helen Cutts
Vice-President, Policy Development Sector
Email: helen.cutts@ceaa-acee.gc.ca

Steve Mongrain
Senior Policy Advisor to the Vice-President, Policy Development Sector
Email: steve.mongrain@ceaa-acee.gc.ca


Provincial & Territorial

Hon. Joan Shea
Minister of Environment and Conservation
Email: joanshea@gov.nl.ca

Jamie Chippett
Deputy Minister, Department of Environment and Conservation
Email: JamieChippett@gov.nl.ca

Ross Firth
Assistant Deputy Minister, Department of Environment and Conservation
Email: rossfirth@gov.nl.ca

Sian French
Director, Parks & Natural Areas Division, Department of Environment and Conservation
Email: SianFrench@gov.nl.ca

Hon. Zach Churchill
Minister of Natural Resources
Email: min_dnr@gov.ns.ca

Hon. Trevor Holder
Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture 
Email: trevor.holder@gnb.ca

Hon. Robert  L. Henderson
Minister of Tourism and Culture 
Email: rlhenderson@gov.pe.ca

Hon. Janice Sherry
Minister of Environment, Labour and Justice and Attorney General
Email: jasherry@gov.pe.ca

Hon. David Orazietti
Minister of Natural Resources
Email: dorazietti.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org

Michael Simpson
Chief of Staff
Email: michael.simpson@ontario.ca

Maggie Matear
Chair, Ontario Parks Board of Directors
Email: maggie.matear@fb.athabascau.ca

Hon. Kevin Doherty
Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport
Email: kdoherty@mla.legassembly.sk.ca

Lin Gallagher
Deputy Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport
Email: lin.gallagher@tpcs.gov.sk.ca

Hon. Gord Mackintosh
Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship 
Email: minconws@leg.gov.mb.ca

Grant Doak
Deputy Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship 
Email: dmconws@leg.gov.mb.ca

Hon. Dr. Richard Starke
Email: vermilion.lloydminster@assembly.ab.ca

Hon. Mary Polak
Minister of Environment
Email: env.minister@gov.bc.ca

Wes Shoemaker
Deputy Minister of Environment
Email: wes.shoemaker@gov.bc.ca

Hon. Johnny Mike
Minister of Environment
Email: JohnnyMike@pangnirtungmla.ca

Hon. J. Michael Miltenberger
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
Email: michael_miltenberger@gov.nt.ca



Dr. Michael Campbell
Chair, Parks and Protected Areas Research Forum of Manitoba
Email: Michael.Campbell@ad.umanitoba.ca

John Lounds
President & CEO, Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)
Email: nature@natureconservancy.ca

Nathalie Pratte
Chair of the Board, Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)
Email: nature@natureconservancy.ca


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Email Parks Canada to submit your concerns and to support our request to limit Wi-Fi hotspots to one room in visitor centres ONLY.

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