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Wendy Walks for Electrosensitivity

Wendy Walks 4 Electrosensitivity

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Wendy Hoy, lives in Port Franks, Ontario and she has decided to walk to Ottawa to raise awareness about ES (Electrosensitivity). The distance for this walk is almost 800 km. Wendy has been working tirelessly since March 2012 to bring this lesser known but growing issue to the attention of the decision makers within our government and beyond.

Port Franks is the hamlet in the Municipality of Lambton Shores where the Municipality voted against a proposed cell tower/antenna installation and is investigating the feasibility of establishing a white/beige-zone.

Wendy's long walk to Ottawa commenced on September 20, 2012 from Port Franks. Citizens 4 Safe Technology fully supports Wendy's efforts and is accepting donations on her behalf.  With the help of C4ST, we are hoping to maximize the impact of Wendy’s feat.

We ask that you consider either pledging an amount per kilometre travelled or making a donation in advance of this incredible journey.

Why Wendy Walks


INVOLUNTARY everyday exposures to radiation that are endangering health, my grandchildren, and ecosystems. Three major sources of this exposure are telecommunication tower antennas, so-called ‘smart’ meters, and WiFi in schools.
She's walking to advocate rights for children, individuals, and communities. Much tighter radiation emission controls and acts of social responsibility from corporations and authorities are needed — immediately.
More and more Canadians suffer symptoms of electro-sensitivity from everyday sources. With the increasing presence of technology, and therefore electromagnetic radiation in our communities, electrosensitive people find it difficult to visit the everyday places - workplaces, coffee shops and even hospitals - which many of us take for granted.


Visit ‘Wendy Walks for ES’ and ‘Lakeshore Coalition’ on Facebook
or Wendy's website at www.WendyWalksforES.com

Donate Now

If you wish to donate to Wendy's Walk 4 Electro-Sensitivity instead of pledging, please click on the button below.

Barrie Flash Mob

Barrie Flash Mob The highly skilled dancers from the Barrie School of Dance did a very impressive performance! Dancers from Moving Art and Creative Urban Tribe were in Sync and the performance overall was spectacular!
Thank you Barrie Studios for your support and giving your dance students the opportunity to share their talents and help raise awareness about ES and healthy living and playing environments.
These kids are making a positive difference in the world!
More Details On This Flash Mob Here
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