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RSC Public Consultation - Ottawa October 28, 2013

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October 28th, 2013 - Ottawa

The Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel Review public hearing day on Safety Code 6 Limits of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy (wireless radiation safety)

Is Health Canada manipulating the independent safety review of wireless radiation from cell phones, cell towers, smart meters and WiFi? See the evidence below, and judge for yourself.

Exposure limits to wireless radiation levels from wireless devices is governed by Health Canada through Safety Code 6.

Cell phone users have dramatically increased from 95,000 in 1997 to over 27 million today. Safety Code 6, based on 6 minutes of exposure, has not been updated since the 1980’s.

China, Russia, Italy and Switzerland have wireless radiation limits that are 100 times safer than Canada’s.

Just last week, Belgium joined the list of countries banning the sale of cell phones to children.

Redacted documents (below on the right side) clearly demonstrate Health Canada has suggested who should be on the “independent” panel. They also demonstrate that Health Canada is trying to influence the evidence the panel considers.

Frank Clegg, CEO
“There is no doubt in my mind that Health Canada is not allowing the Royal Society to run a proper independent review. We have in our possession from Canada’s Privacy Act, called Access to Information requests, demonstrating beyond any doubt Health Canada has hampered the independence of the Royal Society and restricted information that is to be made public.

I am very concerned that Health Canada’s “weight of evidence claims” do not follow any of the critical steps in open, transparent and international scientific protocols.”

Royal Society of Canada logoHealth Canada logoMarch 21, 2012, Hilary Geller, ADM, HECSB sent a Memorandum to the Minister of Health in which the following appeared.

This makes it appear as though the process will indeed be independent. However, if the process is independent, (i.e. not dependent on Health Canada) then:

(1) Why did Health Canada recommend who should be on the panel? NOTE: the actual recommendations are blacked out.

(2) Why did Health Canada need to approve appointments made by RSC? and

(3) Why did Health Canada provide the scientific documents that are to be reviewed by this “independent” Expert Panel?

This process is far from independent and is deeply flawed. It makes a mockery of independent scholarly reviews. It demonstrates–at the best–that the RSC has been duped by Health Canada or–at the worst–that the RSC has colluded with HC.

Neither is acceptable.

C4ST Communications with RSC and Minister of Health
ATI Contract Between
HC and RSC


Redacted areas include: title of the contract, scope, suggested panel members and suggested questions

Press Conference Talking Points
C4ST CEO Frank Clegg
Dr. Martin Blank
Veronique Riopel


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