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Former Microsoft President Supports Right To Know Ordinance Requiring Cell Phone Safety Warnings

Written by C4ST Press Release

February 4th, 2016 C4ST congratulates the city of Berkeley CA, for their win last week in a court ruling to require warnings posted at all locations cell phones are sold. Frank Clegg, CEO of the national volunteer organization Canadians for Safe Technology, C4ST, confirms that, "This is a huge step forward for consumers having the right to know. We as Canadians applaud the city and the pro-bono work of Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig." The massively powerful wireless industry association fought the ruling based on first amendment freedom of speech and lost.

Unfortunately, the City had to negotiate and dilute their warning. The warning cannot state there is a risk of Cancer (despite the WHO Class 2B Possible Carcinogen classification). In addition, contrary to scientific evidence, the ruling prohibits saying children are more vulnerable. The ruling does contain the statement if you carry your cell phone in your pocket or your bra you may exceed maximum allowable radiation levels.

Berkeley California Right to Know Ordinance

Courthouse News Service - Judge Lets Berkeley Warn About Cell Phones

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