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Oakville MP Terence Young addresses House of Commons re: improvements to cell tower location process

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Mr. Terence Young (Oakville, CPC): Mr. Speaker, last week our government announced important improvements to the process for improving cellular tower locations. We have given Canadians a far greater say into where cellular towers may be built in their communities.

In Oakville, Bell Canada ignored local residents, placing cellular antennae in residential areas, in one case 13 metres from a house, without giving any notice to the local residents, ignoring homeowners many of whom are its own customers. Our policy would force all cellular companies to conduct a robust process to inform and consult municipalities and local residents where cellular towers are proposed, for the first time including towers under 15 metres.

I am hoping that Bell Canada CEO, George Cope, and his board of directors will now realize that Canadians have a right to participate in decisions affecting their families and their homes, communities and health, and move their invasive antennae in Oakville now.

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