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In France: New Federal Law About Phone and Network Radiation Emissions

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A law for limiting exposure to electromagnetic waves was adopted by The National Assembly of France.

Emerging news reports are in French. Our understanding is that various political parties worked for over one year preparing this law. This will now go to the Senate,  if it is also adopted by the Senate in France, it will:
  • prohibit targeted advertising and promotion of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices to children younger than 14;
  • ban wi-fi equipment in nurseries and care facilities where there are young children;
  • apply sobriety-like principles regarding network tower and antenna electromagnetic emissions and hotspots and human exposures;
  • require authentic monitoring and reporting of network emission levels;
  • require more transparency regarding network installations, including more consultation with mayors;
  • give a deadline for the government to report on opportunities in consideration of human sensitivity to these emissions as accommodations in the workplace and urban areas where electromagnetic waves are limited.

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