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It is the plan of power and energy authorities worldwide to replace current disk-style (analogue) hydro, gas and water meters with digital "Smart Meters." These are wireless devices that use radiofrequency waves to monitor use and transmit information about each household's consumption. They are being enthusiastically promoted by governments and industry as a "green initiative," supposedly enabling utility companies to efficiently monitor consumption during peak and "down" times, and encourage wise use of energy and resources. The vision is that these "Smart Meters" will operate within a wider ranging "Smart Grid." The information-carrying radio waves, transmitting 24/7, will effectively blanket homes and neighbourhoods with radiation that could adversely affect not just humans but all living systems. In particular, these meters have the potential to affect not only electrohypersensitive persons, but children and pregnant women, persons with medical conditions such as heart arrhythmia, those with compromised immune systems, and others who rely on medical and/or metal implants or equipment. In addition to health concerns, Smart Meters bring with them questions about fire and security hazards. The costs of installing the new digital wireless meters is substantial, their accuracy is debatable, and there is much controversy as to whether or not the readings serve to decrease power use, or simply to increase power costs to consumers. Government employees who now read the disk-style meters total approximately 400 men and women in the province of British Columbia alone. Digital Smart Meters will effectively eliminate these jobs.

EMR - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Published 06.09.13 Posted in Smart Meters

Source : C4ST

What is all around you but you can’t see it, feel it, touch it, taste it or smell it? It is silent to your senses. It has the ability to travel through everything, buildings, brick walls and even your body. It has a detrimental effect on every cell in your body. This is a great doc explaining EMR and electrosmog.

Smart Meter Sickness

Published 29.07.13 Posted in Smart Meters

Source : Ted Malave and La'Tasha Givens

OKLAHOMA CITY — NewsChannel 4 is learning more about nationwide fears involving smart meters and allegations that they can negatively affect your health. According to a group that tracks complaints against smart meters, so far, three states instituted moratoriums on them.

Osoyoos Indian Band Prohibits Smart Meter Installations

Published 14.06.13 Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Smart Meters

Source : Osoyoos Indian Band

On behalf of the Osoyoos Indian Band,Chief Clarence Louie announced today that he and all Band Council members have signed a governing document prohibiting Fortis BC, the local utility company, from installing Smart Meters on the approximately 703 homes and businesses on the Osoyoos Indian Reserve.

Confronting “Electro Pollution” and Smart Meter Toxification

Published 11.06.13 Posted in Smart Meters

Source : James F. Tracy

An overwhelming majority of US and Canadian citizens are entirely unaware that an especially dangerous device has been attached to their homes.

British MP's Told of 'Smart' Meter Risks; UK Rollout Delayed by Over a Year

Published 21.05.13 Posted in What's Happening Around the World?, Smart Meters

Source : BBC News

British MP's Told of 'Smart' Meter Risks; UK Rollout Delayed by Over a Year
The UK government has announced a delay of over 12 months to the rollout of so-called 'smart' meters suggesting the industry needed more time to design, build and test the communications system required.

Smart Meter Situation Overview

Published 06.09.13 Posted in Smart Meters

Source : C4ST

This document explains the Smart Meter situation and concerns in detail.

BC Hydro Smart Meter Lawsuit Launched

Published 29.07.13 Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Smart Meters

Source : Vivian Luk

A woman from Saltspring Island has lodged a class-action lawsuit against BC Hydro over installation of its smart meters.
VANCOUVER - The fight against the installation of BC Hydro's smart meters was given a new jolt with the launch of a class-action lawsuit on Friday by a yoga instructor from Saltspring Island, B.C.

Bioinitiative 2012 Report Analysis

Published 13.06.13 Posted in Scientific Research, Smart Meters

Source : Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D

Physicist, Ronald M. Powell (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1975) explains, in lay terms, the implications of the BioInitiative 2012 Report for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances. He compares the low RF power density levels at which biological effects were reported in the RF Color Charts in the Report to the calculated RF power density levels that Smart Meters and Smart Appliances can produce.

Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro - Invitation for Participation

Published 21.05.13 Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Smart Meters

Source : Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

Has BC Hydro installed a wireless smart meter against your consent or have they disconnected or threatened to disconnect your electricity supply as a result of your refusal to accept the installation of a smart meter? Our friends at Citizens for Safe Technology in BC are planning on filing a class action lawsuit against BC Hydro. Read on to see how you can become part of it.
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