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Canada's Standards are Inadequate for Protecting Children and Families from Microwave Radiation

The Issue In a Nut Shell

The standards governing the siting of cell towers are inadequate allowing cell phone companies to place them inappropriately.


We've come to depend on cell phones and expect them to do more and more for us. Cell phone companies need cell towers to deliver their growing number of services.  The placement of these cell towers is permissible near where families live, and where children play and go to school.

What Is Our Canadian Government Doing?

INDUSTRY CANADA regulates cell companies in terms of their use of radio frequency spectrum and the siting of cell towers. Industry Canada relies on a Health Canada standard called "SAFETY CODE 6," to establish the limits of electromagnetic radiation exposure which is considered safe and to which cell operators are required to comply. Unfortunately, Safety Code 6 is among the LEAST STRINGENT STANDARDS IN THE WORLD, and it does not address the critical issue of long term exposure to low level intensity microwave radiation emitted by cell towers.


What Can You Do?

This site is intended to be a collection of resources, information and links to assist concerned Canadians in addressing issues related to Cell Towers. Therefore, take a look around, read, research and put some of these ideas to use. Write to your MP, donate to C4ST, sign up for our newsletter. Whatever you do, doing nothing is not an option. At the very least share your new found information with a friend.

Ottawa closes cellphone tower loophole

Published 06.02.14 Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Cell Towers

Source : Terry Pedwell - The Canadian Press

OTTAWA – The federal government is trying to mitigate an irritant for some municipalities and resident groups by expanding the rules governing construction of new cellphone towers. Related Stories Under a new Industry Canada policy announced Wednesday, wireless companies will now have to consult with communities before building new towers, no matter what their height.

DH Westview Properties Puts Safety First

Published 21.08.13

Source : DH Westview Properties Ltd.

DH Westview Properties Puts Safety First
"At this time, the installation of the cell towers has been put on hold and we hope the Canadian Government will enforce lower RF Field guidelines and follow the example of some other countries."

Cell Tower Radiation Newsletter - July - August 2013

Published 18.08.13 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : Prof. Girish Kumar

Cell phone industry may not admit that there are harmful effects just like cigarette industry. People have to unite to convince policy makers to adopt stricter radiation norms to protect people, birds, animals, trees, plants and the environment.

Cancer Cluster at Phone Masts

Published 01.08.13 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : Daniel Foggo

SEVEN clusters of cancer and other serious illnesses have been discovered around mobile phone masts, raising concerns over the technology’s potential impact on health.

City of Toronto Telecommunication Tower and Antenna Protocol

Published 04.07.13 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : City of Toronto

Toronto asks provided to limit their emission limits to 100 times less than the Canada Safety code 6. Even if this limit were to be called in Montreal, no companies would have the slightest problem abiding to this standard because Safety Code is a Federal regulation.

Municipalities and wireless industry announce joint protocol on antenna siting

Published 02.04.13 Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Cell Towers

Source : Federation of Canadian Municipalities

OTTAWA, ON - Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) President Karen Leibovici and Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) President Bernard Lord announced today at a news conference in Ottawa, a joint protocol on the siting process of wireless antenna systems.

Long-Term Exposure To Microwave Radiation Provokes Cancer Growth

Published 01.10.12 Posted in Cell Towers, Electrosensitivity (ES)

Long-Term Exposure To Microwave Radiation Provokes Cancer Growth
In this review we discuss alarming epidemiological and experimental data on possible carcinogenic effects of long term exposure to low intensity microwave (MW) radiation. Recently, a number of reports revealed that under certain conditions the irradiation by low intensity MW can substantially induce cancer progression in humans and in animal models. The carcinogenic effect of MW irradiation is typically manifested after long term (up to 10 years and more) exposure. Nevertheless, even a year of operation of a powerful base transmitting station for mobile communication reportedly resulted in a dramatic increase of cancer incidence among population living nearby.

Another Municipality Calls for a Review of Health Canada’s SC6

Published 05.09.13 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : Thorold City Council

City of Thorold
The Council of the City of Thorold urge Health Canada to re-evaluate the safety limits contained within Safety Code 6 that relate to Radiofrequency Exposure.

Impact of Communication Towers on Wildlife

Published 18.08.13 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : Prof. Girish Kumar

Expert Group to study the possible impacts of communication towers on Wildlife including Birds and Bees.

Town of Oakville Approves Motions to Radio Communications Facilities Protocol

Published 13.08.13 Posted in What's Happening in Canada?, Cell Towers

Source : Town of Oakville

Town of Oakville
The Town of Oakville passed a motion on August 12, 2013 requesting that Industry Canada place a moratorium on the approval of any new radiocommunication facilities located within certain criteria until such time as the review of Safety Code 6 has been finalized. They also requested that Industry Canada provide a response to the Town of Oakville regarding this request outlining reasons for or against the moratorium.

Dr. Kumar's Powerpoint on Radiation Hazards

Published 01.08.13 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : Dr. Girish Kumar

Dr. Kumar's presentation on Radiation Hazards from Cell Phones/Cell Towers. The presentation covers topics such as RF sources, EMF exposure safety norms, biological effects and case studies.

Interview with Chris Hills and Stealth on the Concealment of Cell Towers

"My name is Chris Hills, I'm with Stealth Concealment Solutions...We fabricate, engineer, and install [in some occasions] cell site concealments. What that consists of is ways to make a traditional cell site more appealing from an aesthetic standpoint..."

Community turns out for Lorne Park cell tower meeting

Published 29.10.12 Posted in Cell Towers

Source : Chris Clay, Mississauga News

Town meeting held at Lorne Park Secondary School to discuss proposed cell tower on nearby CN property.
Residents of Lorne Park concerned about plans to build a cell phone tower on CN property on Lorne Park Rd attended a public meeting on October 15, 2012. Here's coverage from the Mississauga News.
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