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City of Toronto - Letters to Ministers of Health & Industry and Toronto Hydro

Posted in Appeals and Resolutions Written by City of Toronto

City of Toronto writes to the Ministers of Health and Industry and Toronto Hydro regarding Planning and Growth Management Committee Item 29.8, Review of City Protocol for Telecommunications Towers Under 15 Metres in Height.

"City Council on December 16, 17 and 18, 2013, adopted the attached Item as amended, and among other things, has encouraged Health Canada to actively review health evidence, including the most recent scientific research and studies, related to human exposure to radiofrequencies and to revise Safety Code 6 to meet international best practices, in consultation with the public and appropriate experts.

City Council has also approved changes to its Telecommunications Tower Protocol. These changes are outlined in the Council decision.

A copy of the City of Toronto's updated Telecommunications Tower Protocol is also enclosed for your information."
Telecommunications Tower Protocol Letters

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