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Alberta Parent Councils to Vote on Wi-Fi Resolutions

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WiFi Networks

Best Practice Guidelines for Saving Energy and Minimizing RF Exposure


In March and April 2015, parents have a tremendous opportunity to green their school and to ensure that students are as safe as possible when exposed to Wi-Fi at school by voting on parent resolutions at their next parent council meeting. From there, a representative will be chosen to cast a vote in support of these resolutions at the Alberta School Council Association (ASCA) AGM on April 26th.

The resolutions are based on key messages from a Canadian Teachers Federation Brief “The Use of Wi-Fi in Schools” (2014), and also on a motion passed by Edmonton Catholic Schools calling for a Provincial Symposium to examine this issue more closely in order for stakeholders to exercise their due diligence on the matter.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a division of the World Health Organization (WHO), reclassified the microwave radiation emitted from cell phones, Wi-Fi and wireless devices such as tablets and baby monitors a Class 2B “possible” carcinogen, in the same category as lead and DDT. The CTF brief warns that “Teachers and school communities have not been informed regarding the implementation of Wi-Fi and any potential hazards.” Parent were never informed about this reclassification and most are not aware that levels of radiation in the classroom can be similar to standing 100 m from a large cell tower.

The CTF Brief shares that “In the absence of a definitive statement regarding the safety of Wi-Fi raised through social and regular media, teachers are rightly concerned for their personal safety and the safety of children in their care.” It points out the Health Canada’s guidelines do not include biological effects while an article in the Canadian Teacher Magazine “Canadian Teachers’ Federation Sounds the Alarm on Wi-Fi,” points out that scientists involved in the IARC cancer classification warn that new research warrants reclassifying the cancer risk as much greater than originally thought.

Teachers’ unions in Canada, USA, Germany and the UK and countries such as France, Germany and Europe have already taken action to minimize exposure to microwave radiation in order to protect the health of their members and citizens. The Alberta Teachers’ Association local 37 passed a local resolution to allow teachers to turn off Wi-Fi when not in use, and the BC Confederation Parent Advisory Council, representing 500 000 parents, voted to support similar measures to protect their children. Private Members Bill, C-648 has been introduced into the House of Commons with cross party support which would require health warnings on cell phones and other wireless devices such as Ipads and baby monitors.

On October 4, 2011, Health Canada updated its advice to cell phone users on practical ways of reducing exposure to RF energy from these devices. Health Canada states they are “in agreement with the World Health Organization that additional research in this area is warranted.” In the meantime, simple strategies such as turning off Wi-Fi when not in use would prevent students from being exposed to about 1400 hours of low level radiation each year. Supporting these common sense resolutions would allow students the benefits of using technology, while saving energy, reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that our children are as safe as possible at school.


Proposed Resolution

WE Request that Alberta Education provide a copy of the Canadian Teacher's Federation Brief “The Use of Wi-Fi in Schools” (2014) to School Boards advising they implement a prudent approach to the use of Wi-Fi and that a “Best Practices” method be explored to ensure that students are as safe as possible when exposed to Wi-Fi at school. WE support the Alberta School Council Association partnering with Alberta School Board Association and the Alberta Teachers Association to organize a Provincial Symposium regarding the safe use of Wi-Fi in Schools.

School Board and Government Officials Contact Information


Laurie Hawn
Edmonton Centre
Email: laurie.hawn@parl.gc.ca

Mike Lake
Mill Woods Beaumont
Email: mike.lake@parl.gc.ca

Brent Rathgeber
St. Albert
Email: brent.rathgeber@parl.gc.ca

Honourable Rona Ambrose
Spruce Grove
Email: rona.ambrose@parl.gc.ca

Blaine Calkins
Email: blaine.calkins@parl.gc.ca

Leon Benoit
Email: leon.benoit@parl.gc.caa

Linda Duncan
Email: linda.duncan.c1@parl.gc.ca

Honourable Tim Uppal
Sherwood Park
Email: Tim.Uppal@parl.gc.ca

James Rajotte
Email: james.rajotte@parl.gc.ca

Peter Goldring
Edmonton East
Email: peter.goldring@parl.gc.ca

Honourable Rob Merrifield
Email: rob.merrifield@parl.gc.ca


Cheryl Johner
Ward A
Email: Cheryl.Johner@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8079

Orville Chubb
Ward C
Email: Orville.Chubb@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8085

Ken Gibson
Ward E
Email: Ken.Gibson@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8084

Sarah Hoffman
Ward G
Email: Sarah.Hoffman@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8086

Sherry Adams
Ward I
Email: Sherry.Adams@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8087

Michelle Draper
Ward B
Email: Michelle.Draper@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8135

Ray Martin
Ward D
Email: Ray.Martin@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8016

Michael Janz
Ward F
Email: Michael.Janz@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8082

Nathan Ip
Ward H
Email: Nathan.Ip@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8083

Johannah Ko
Student Trustee
Telephone: 780-429-8241

Catholic Schools Trustees

Debbie Engel
Email: debbie.engel@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-481-8457

Patricia Grell
Email: patricia.grell@ecsd.net
Telephone: 587-879-5612

John Acheson
Email: john.acheson@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-434-5754

Laura Thibert
Email: laura.thibert@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-231-6312

Marilyn Bergstra
Email: marilyn.bergstra@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-964-9798

Larry Kowalczyk
Email: larry.kowalczyk@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-919-0111

Cindy Olsen
Email: cynthia.olsen@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-477-2369

Joan Carr
Superintendent of Schools
Email: Joan.Carr@ecsd.net
Telephone: 780-913-1884


Darrel Robertson
Superintendent of Schools
Email: darrel.robertson@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8010

Ron MacNeil
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Email: ron.macneil@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8374

Kathy Muhlethaler
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Email: kathy.muhlethaler@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8011

Diana Bolan
Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Email: diana.bolan@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8267

Mary Michailides
Assistant Superintendent, Support for Schools
Email: mary.michailides@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8141

Lorne Parker
Executive Director, Infastructure (Acting)
Email: lorne.parker@epsb.ca
Telephone: 780-429-8426

City Councillors

Andrew Knack
Email: andrew.knack@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8122

Dave Loken
Email: dave.loken@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8128

Michael Oshry
Email: michael.oshry@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8120

Tony Caterina
Email: tony.caterina@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8333

Bryan Anderson
Email: bryan.anderson@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8130

Mike Nickel
Email: mike.nickel@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8142

Bev Esslinger
Email: bev.esslinger@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8136

Ed Gibbons
Email: ed.gibbons@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8138

Scott McKeen
Email: scott.mckeen@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8140

Ben Henderson
Email: ben.henderson@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8146

Michael Walters
Email: michael.walters@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8132

Amarjeet Sohi
Email: amarjeet.sohi@edmonton.ca
Telephone: 780-496-8148


Rona Ambrose
Minister of Health
Email: rona.ambrose@parl.gc.ca

Gordon Dirks
Provincial Minister of Education
Email: education.minister@gov.ab.ca

Dr. Martin Lavoie
Deputy Medical Officer of Health
Email: martin.lavoie@gov.ab.ca

Stephen Mandel
Provincial Minister of Health
Email: health.minister@gov.ab.ca

Dr. James Talbot
Chief Medical Officer of Health
Email: james.talbot@gov.ab.ca

Dr. Ada Bennett
Deputy Medical Officer of Health
Email: ada.bennett@gov.ab.ca


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