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ON, Waterloo Region District School Board


Motions being put forward at the WRDSB meeting on March 24, 2014

#1 "Be it resolved that the WRDSB strike an adhoc commitee of two trustees, two parents, and appropriate staff to develop a draft on WiFi policy for consideration of the board, and that this commitee also review current scientific and medical research and/or studies associated with WiFi exposure and report findings to the board."

#2 "We as concerned parents and citizens request that the board introduce a training program to educate teachers, and to help teachers instill in students the procedures for safe use of wireless technology in order to mitigate its possible harmful effects on the teachers and students alike."

As concerned parents, teachers, and citizens please support the above motions with your presence at the meeting and/or an email using the system on the right of this page which will go out to the trustees.

Monday March 24th, 2014 - 7PM
Board Room, Building #2, 1st Floor
HR & Educational Services Focus

Waterloo Region District School Board
51 Ardelt Avenue
Kitchener, Ontario, N2C 2R5, Canada
Telephone: 519-570-0003

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C4ST's Frank Clegg featured on CBC News
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C4ST Takes Aim at Wi-Fi in Schools

As students returned to school Tuesday, Oakville-based Canadians for Safe Technology (C4ST) took to the streets to voice concerns about student safety. Several C4ST members handed out pamphlets outside Kenollie Public School in Peel to raise awareness of the possible health impacts of unrestricted Wi-Fi in schools. Read the full article here.


Hello and welcome to the Waterloo Region District C4ST profile page!

As you may or may not know, many schools in Ontario have already opted to change from a wireless connection to a wired connection - in response to public concerns regarding the health and well-being of our children.

We are parents of young children in the public school system, and it is important to us that we share our knowledge and ask other parents and concerned citizens to come forward in support of our journey towards a Wi-Fi free safe learning environment for our children.

We are working together with the amazing people at C4ST, and our local district school board trustees to obtain safer technology standards across school boards and for all children and people of Canada. Wi-Fi has a multitude of negative and harmful effects on people, especially on young children, who’s skulls are significantly smaller and thinner than grown adults. This allows for a greater amount of radiation to be absorbed into children’s brains, and could cause serious long term physical and mental health effects. The World Health Organization / International Agency for Research on Cancer, has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans - which means that we are exposing our children to these harmful emissions on a daily basis without any up to date or standardized codes for safe use / safe exposure to this type of radiation.

We feel that if we must provide elementary schools with a connection to the internet - until we obtain an updated Safety Code 6 and understand the full scope of possible effects on our children – the only responsible decision would to be to opt for a wired connection (or keep the Wi Fi exposure to a limited amount of time during the day). Keep in mind, the research on the effects of Wi Fi on our children’s health is being done ... on our children.

We believe that our children's health, safety, and well-being are much more important than the mere convenience of a wireless internet connection.

Help us come together and be the next community to speak up for our children and make a difference for what matters most – our children and their future. Become a part of a community who cares, who wants to make a difference, and who is willing to speak up for what they believe in. Not only is it the right thing to do, but we will be able to look back and be proud that we were a part of the solution.

Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility!

Is Wi-Fi included in the IARC/WHO’s 2B classification of RF-EMF?

Yes. In May of 2011, the IARC (International Association for Research on Cancer) declared radio frequency radiation as a possible cause of cancer. CLICK HERE for official document. Since then Federal, provincial, and municipal health authorities in Canada have made the FALSE claim that the IARC declaration of RF as a possible human carcinogen refers ONLY to mobile phones. This is not and has never been the case. Wi-Fi and all EMF emitting devices are included in this grouping.

Why the confusion?

IARC does not classify devices, they classify exposures. The 2B designation therefore applies to all RF-EMF exposures, regardless of the source. It isn’t the physical source that is being evaluated; it’s the type of emission that exits from any source, that is being evaluated.

Confirmation from IARC

In this video clip (CLICK HERE) Dr. Jonathan M Samet, MD, University of Southern California, Chairman of the Working Group, states at the 3.12 minute mark “the designation of class 2B RF-EMFs is unspecified as to source, class 2B has broad applicability to sources that emit RMFs".

Confirmation from Dr Robert A Baan PhD, Responsible Officer, Monograph 102 on RF-EMF, The IARC Monographs, IARC, Lyon, FRANCE

“many other devices emit the same type of RF radiation, e.g.,base-station antennas, radio/tv antennas, WiFi stations, smart meters, etc. Therefore, all these fall under the same broad evaluation of “Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.” CLICK HERE to read.

Additional Information

We are currently working with the WRDSB board of trustees, and will have a meeting in January (date to be set) with the trustees to present our concerns regarding Wi Fi in schools and information pertaining why there should be limited exposure to Wi Fi on our children. We have a contact at WRDSB who has brought forth the motion at a previous board meeting, and received 3 votes to move forward with the discussion. We also have 2 teachers within the WRDSB who are concerned about the negative effects of Wi Fi. We look forward to having the opportunity to voice our concern and state our case at this board meeting, and are looking forward to any other future opportunities as well!

Please voice your concern! Write a letter to the Trustees, MP, MPP, and Mayor’s office’s on the right hand side of this page.

Visit this page often for updates and news regarding this issue.

School Board and Government Officials Contact Information


Peter Braid
Email: peter.braid@parl.gc.ca
Telephone: 519-746-1573

Gary Goodyear
Email: gary.goodyear@parl.gc.ca
Telephone: 519-624.7440


Katherine Fife
Kitchener-Waterloo District
Email: cfife-qp@ndp.on.ca
Telephone: 416-325-6913

Rob Leone
Email: rob.leone@pc.ola.org
Telephone: 416-325-8451


Carl Zehr
Mayor of Kitchener
Email: mayor@kitchener.ca
Telephone: 519-741-2300

Brenda Halloran
Mayor of Waterloo
Email: mayor@waterloo.ca
Telephone: 519-747-8700

Doug Craig
Mayor of Cambridge
Email: mayor@cambridge.ca
Telephone: 519-740-4517 ext 4215


Ted Martin
Email: Ted_Martin@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-744-9490

Andrea Mitchell
Email: Andrea_Mitchell@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-621-9475

Cindy Watson
Email: Cindy_Watson@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-622-6178

Mike Ramsay
Email: Mike_Ramsay@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-502-8449

John Hendry
Email: John_Hendry@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-504-7487

Harold Paisley
Email: Harold_Paisley@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-669-4258

Elliot Fung
Email: elliot_fung@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-504-7364

Colin Harrington
Email: Colin_Harrington@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-621-0388

Margaret (Marg) Johnston
Email: Marg_Johnston@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-505-4454

Kathi Smith
Email: Kathi_Smith@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-502-8656

Kathleen Woodcock
Email: Kathleen_Woodcock@wrdsb.on.ca
Telephone: 519-504-8940

Community Leader

Community Leader
Email: WRDSB@c4st.org


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